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See horn players serenade 'Star Wars' composer, meet their hero

Even the legendary John Williams is impressed with the moxie of two young musicians who show up at his house to play the "Star Wars" theme.

Composer John Williams is just as legendary as the famous films he's scored during his long career. Two horn players played tribute to Williams by showing up on the sidewalk outside his house and serenading him with a rendition of the Star Wars theme. They were both rewarded for their boldness and musical skills when Williams himself popped outside to show his appreciation.

Flugelhorn player Michael Miller accompanied 13-year-old trumpeter Bryce Hayashi. They even brought a music stand with them. The bold show happened on July 11, but the musicians shared the video on Saturday, later following it up with a video of the reverb-soaked parking-garage rehearsal for the big moment.

Miller arranged the duet for the two horns. Both players are absolutely thrilled when Williams first waves to them and then comes out in person to greet them. The trumpet part of the song is challenging, requiring some difficult high notes. Williams acknowledges Hayashi's efforts by saying, "I started to listen. I thought, 'Oh, they will never make it' and they did!" It's a Star Wars dream come true.

(Via Nerd Approved)