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Horn Bike goes old-school on your iPhone sound

A bicycle mount brings your iPhone into the gramophone age to passively boosts your two-wheel listening experience.

bicycle-mounted iPhone case with horn speaker
Passive audio amplification for when you're pumping pedals. Fruitshop

Bicycling around town wearing earbuds isn't a great idea and is even illegal in some places. But a set of decent bicycle-mounted speakers will set you back $60-$120, and if you crank them up you risk some dirty looks. Now there's a third alternative. A Taiwanese company figures that if you're going to spring for a handlebar mount for your iPhone, you should get a little sound amplification in the bargain.

different colored iPhone cases with horn speakers

Horn Bike from Fruitshop (I'm guessing the names sound a lot cooler to Taiwanese ears) features a small horn that passively amplifies the sound from your iPhone's built-in speaker. Think cutting-edge technology circa 1890.

The silicone iPhone 4 mount doubles your phone's volume, making it loud enough to hear well--given not a whole lot of ambient noise. Because the horn projects the sound right at you, it's not so loud that it bothers people sharing the road or trail.

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The $30 mount-cum-speaker is a descendent of Fruitshop's iPhone stand with horn. I like the passive acoustics and the price is right, but I don't know that the Horn Bike will win anyone over based on sound quality. See the video below.

(Via Wired News)