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Hope springs eternal for Net appliances

National Semiconductor unveils a new chip design amid a market slump for Net appliances, while Sony launches the eVilla.

Web-surfing appliances once held the promise of creating a new niche market for sales, but enthusiasm has dampened considerably. Still, not everyone has given up on them. Sony's eVilla dips into "poisoned well"
The consumer electronics giant releases its Internet-surfing appliance amid a tainted market for such devices.
June 14, 2001 
National Semi stands by Net appliances
Despite consumers' tepid response to Internet appliances so far, National Semiconductor is still plowing ahead in the market.
June 14, 2001 
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Internet appliances: Down, but not yet out
Despite complaints that there are few buyers, nearly all major Taiwanese computer makers are prominently pushing new Internet appliances.
June 8, 2001