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Tech Industry

Hoover's lays out mobile apps for business pros

A company's earnings, key phone numbers, and competitors are a few taps away for sales jockeys and other professionals using Hoover's new mobile apps.

Hoover's Mobile on the iPhone

If knowledge is power, then salespeople in the field and roving business execs can now wield their share of it thanks to two new mobile apps. Hoover's Mobile and Hoover's MobileSP tap into the Hoover's business directory to bring instant company and employee information to sales, financial, media professionals, and just about anyone else drenched in B2B.

The free Hoover's Mobile for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones looks up company information, phone numbers, the building address, executive organization, competitors, and financial overview for any company you enter--like the one whose doors you're about to waltz through.

Pony up $20 per month for Hoover's MobileSP--BlackBerry or Windows Mobile only--and get an interactive GPS reading that can build you lists of prospects near you based on any number of filters, including business size, earnings, and the mile radius of your choice.

Hoover's MobileSP can also fetch in-depth financials, and industry and company details that you can then save on your phone, down to a roster of the company's employees. Extremely useful, and creepy.