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Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover's growing cordless vacuum lineup knows no limits

Hoover expands its battery-powered vacuum roster with four all-new cord-free models.


Unless you've transferred all of your floor-cleaning responsibilities to an obliging robot vacuum, you probably have to take a pass at your carpet, hardwood and other heavily trafficked surfaces fairly regularly. Add on any concerns about errant pet hair, cobweb-filled corners or awkwardly angled staircases and it might just take a team of untethered products and accessories to keep those dust bunnies at bay.

That's Hoover's hope, at least.

The brand, which is part of TTI Floor Care (along with Oreck and Dirt Devil ), has just introduced a bunch of new cordless vacuums to join Hoover's existing $300 lithium-ion-powered Air Cordless upright as part of the LithiumLife product line.


The new models include the $400 Air Cordless Lift upright-canister hybrid , the $250 Floormate Cordless water-tank-equipped bare surface scrubber , the $150 Air Cordless 2-in-1 stick-handheld duo and the $130 Air Cordless standalone handheld vacuum.

While Hoover isn't the only company trying to expand its cordless lineup, it is the first to offer a single battery solution for all of its vacuums. In other words, you're supposed to be able to remove the lithium ion battery that was just powering your Air Cordless upright, pop it into your Air Cordless handheld and start cleaning. So not only is there no annoying cord to hassle with, you should only need one interchangeable battery for the whole shebang.

There's only one problem -- how many people out there have multiple vacuum cleaners? Why would you ever need both a 2-in-1 stick vacuum and a separate handheld model or an upright vacuum and a stick model? The Dyson V6 Motorhead -- and many other vacuums nowadays -- come with a ton of accessories so you can tackle a variety of cleaning needs without having to buy more than one large floor-cleaning appliance.

Skepticism aside, Hoover's newest LithiumLife products are now available online and we expect to receive review units shortly.