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Hoodie jacket with built-in goggles is creepy and cozy

It's a winter jacket and a Halloween costume all in one. The AI Riders on the Storm down coat features shaded goggles that zip together in the hoodie.

Down jacket with goggles
This is what happens when you meld your DNA with a fly's.

Secretly, I want to carry a superhero costume with me at all times. I want to be able to step into a phone booth (if they exist anymore) and step out as the Masked Avenger. For $492, my fantasy could come true with the AI Riders on the Storm down jacket.

The jacket sounds pretty much like a regular coat with specs that include a two-way zipper and down stuffing. Look up, though, and things start to get weird. It has a detachable hood with built-in bug-eyed goggles that zip together right up the middle. Freaky, man.

There are air holes at the nose and ears so you can breath and hear even when you're all zipped up. As warm and cozy as the jacket appears to be, it's also delightfully creepy and dark. It's what Bruce Wayne would wear on a ski trip to Aspen.

One detail is a bit curious. The jacket has a large pom-pom right at the top. Depending on how dark and brooding you want to look, you can detach the pom-pom. It's hard to be a tough, scary superhero if you wear a pom-pom.

(Via Gizmodo)