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Hong Kong Pokemon fans protest Pikachu name change

Pokemon fans in Hong Kong are protesting the change from Cantonese to Mandarin in the upcoming new games.

Traditionally, the Pokemon games have been released in China and Hong Kong in different languages.

With the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon, The Pokemon Company will for the first time will unify the languages across the Greater China region, in Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese -- and no one is happy about it. According to a Quartz report, gamers feel that the changes disrespect their culture and languages.

This is most pointed in Hong Kong, where the official language is Cantonese. Many of the new names for the Pokemon are Mandarin-style; in particular, the beloved mascot for the franchise, Pikachu. On Monday, May 30, a small group of protesters marched on the Japanese Consulate in Hong Kong to demand the name change back from Pikaqiu (pronounced Pei-kaa-jau in Cantonese) to Bei-kaa-ciu.

A Facebook page protesting the change has attracted over 2,500 people. The Pokémon Company did not have a comment to make at this time.