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'The Revenant' gets skewered in hilarious parody video

Watch as Leonardo DiCaprio scratches and claws his way to an Academy Award in this hilarious and brutally truthful parody video from Honest Trailers.

When Honest Trailers skewers a movie, it doesn't pull any punches. After all, how many sky scenes did Academy Award-winning film "The Revenant" really need before we all got a bit bored staring at trees?

Honest Trailers pulls scenes from films and makes fun of things we probably think but never put into words. In the video "Honest Trailers - The Revenant," posted Tuesday, the commentator jokes about the constant focus on the forest, inaccuracies about the "true story" the film was based on and actor Leonardo DiCaprio's over-the-top performance that finally earned him an Oscar.

"In the grand tradition of 'Nell' and 'Pootie Tang,' prepare for two powerhouse performances you won't be able to understand," says the commentator. "As Leo shows his full range of emotional grunting, while Tom Hardy mumbles about pelts."

Prepare to be shocked, entertained and confused at how "The Revenant" is "one music change away from becoming (the TV show) 'Jackass.""