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Honest Trailers mocks 2017 Oscar-nominated films

From "Arrival" to "La La Land," Honest Trailers takes a snarky look at the films that could end up with a golden statue on Sunday.

Just because a film is nominated for an Academy Award doesn't mean it's immune to ridicule. With the 2017 Oscars coming up Sunday, Honest Trailers reveals why it believes certain movies nabbed Best Picture nominations.

In a parody video posted Tuesday, Honest Trailers takes a few jabs at the nominees: "Arrival," "Fences," "Hacksaw Ridge, "Hidden Figures," "Hell or High Water," "Manchester By The Sea," "La La Land," "Lion," and "Moonlight."

Honest Trailers points out that "Arrival" is "Amy Adams' second film this year about trying to relate to an alien that no one gets along with." Nice jab at "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The video also notes that most people haven't even seen a number of the nominees such as "Lion."

A cynical dissection of "Moonlight" claims that the film has checked all the boxes needed to win an Oscar because it's based on a coming-of-age play with a main character who is a minority, gay and broke.

"Hacksaw Ridge" is skewered for its blood and gore, "La La Land" for its possibly over-zealous number of nominations, and "Manchester By The Sea" for Casey Affleck playing a character who must live in a sibling's shadow, thus mirroring the actor's real life as the brother of better-known actor Ben Affleck.

At the end, Honest Trailers predicts that many of the acceptance speeches of the night will include comments about President Donald Trump, so it gave him a chance to sum up the nominees using his past tweets. By now, you can surely predict his favorite description.

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