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Honest trailer for 'Iron Man' reveals Marvel's formula for success

Screen Junkies is out with their newest honest trailer, and this time they have Tony Stark firmly in their crosshairs. Watch them hilariously point out how Marvel struck it big with "Iron Man."

The 2008 movie "Iron Man" was a major success for Marvel. A new episode of "Honest Trailers" from YouTube channel Screen Junkies on Tuesday gives us an honest look at how Marvel took a mostly forgotten B-list superhero and turned him into box-office gold for years to come.

Screen Junkies hilariously points out that Marvel has taken the same approach to other films in recent years, taking an unfamiliar superhero like Iron Man, Thor or Star-Lord, casting a relatively unknown or half-forgotten actor as the lead, and have them fight a generic villain and fall in love with a strong female character. Oh, and of course add in a bunch of quips, science and explosions to bring the whole thing together into an entertaining package for moviegoers.

The clip goes on to show how "Iron Man" was pretty good for Robert Downey Jr., naturally. The actor turned pretending to stare at a computer screen, pretending to play with some holograms, and doing a bit of voiceover into a lengthy, profitable career as Tony Stark in the handful of "Iron Man" sequels and "Avengers" spin-offs.

See even more ways "Iron Man" has impacted modern movie watching in the video clip above. We'll next see "Iron Man" in the spring of 2016 when he appears alongside Captain America in "Captain America: Civil War." That release is scheduled for April 29, 2016 in Australia and the UK, and May 6 in the US.