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HondaJet takes off for just $3.65 million

New aircraft touts fuel economy, if you care

If you had $3.65 million to drop on a private jet, would you be concerned about fuel economy? Honda apparently thinks so and stresses its efficiency on this score in the brochures for its new jet aircraft.

"Key specifications and performance figures establish HondaJet as the fastest and most fuel efficient aircraft in its class, while setting a new standard for interior space and comfort," Honda Aircraft says in announcing the plane. The frugal reference does make some sense, given that Honda claims to have produced the first gas-electric hybrid car in the United States.

Of course, the company does go on to tout other features and appointments appropriate for a multimillion-dollar vehicle, such as "a class-topping cruise speed of 420 knots" and "a fully private lavatory." (Would there be any other kind on a small jet?)

Still, reaction among aircraft aficionados is mixed. As one told Crave, "In the aviation world folks are delighted that Honda is doing this but think the price is pretty high." On that we can resoundingly agree.