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Honda expands rollout of Civic running on natural gas (video)

Electric vehicles and hybrids seem to have captured most of the attention lately when it comes to greener cars. But Honda believes natural-gas-powered cars could be the future too.

Environmentally conscious consumers these days have more choices when it comes to deciding on a greener car. Hybrid? Plug-in hybrid? All-electric?

Well, what about natural gas, says Honda. The automaker has been rolling out its Civic that runs on natural gas to more states. But how common are fueling stations with natural gas? (As with electric vehicles, it's all about the infrastructure.)

In the video above, SmartPlanet's Sumi Das talks to Jay Guzowski, senior product planner with Honda, about the automaker's plans to sell the Civic nationwide.

This video first appeared at SmartPlanet under the headline "Honda rolls out new natural-gas-powered Civic."

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