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Honda driving simulator monitors your road skills

Honda has fully remodeled its driving simulator to promote road safety. The system has high-def screens and offers feedback about your driving skills.


Honda Japan has announced a fully remodeled driving simulator to promote safer driving, featuring high-resolution LCDs with computer graphics, a moving seat for a more realistic experience, and feedback about users' driving skills.

The latest simulator features high-definition 42-inch LCDs, image and text explanations of and advice about road hazards, as well as two- and six-axis motion options. A touch-panel display allows for easy operation.

The system gives users advice on driving hazards. Honda

Users can select driving simulations at nighttime, in fog, and on the highway as well as regular urban environments. While there are other vehicles on the simulated roads, it seems there are no pedestrians.

Honda has sold about 200 automobile driving simulators in and outside Japan to driving schools since 2001. The latest system is only on sale in Japan for the time being.

The six-axis motion version is $101,000 without tax, while the two-axis version is $66,000.

Looks like this will help learners become better drivers. But the cost makes me wonder whether Gran Turismo 5 might be a better investment.