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Homeshoring helps rural commuters, too

In response to the report written by Ed Frauenheim, "Made in lower-cost America":

Thanks for the shout out in your recent report on Rural Sourcing and homeshoring. I particularly liked the comment from Kathy White that many big-city tech workers are former small-community dwellers. I personally am one of those.

I'm originally from a small town in downstate Illinois and came to Chicago for work a few years ago. One of the many things that attracted me to Decision Design was its proximity to the highway on the north fringe of the Chicago metro area.

The location allowed us to move to a small town in Wisconsin where housing and living are dramatically more affordable and I could raise my kids in an atmosphere similar to the one I grew up in, without having a huge commute into Chicago or Milwaukee for a good position.

I moved and started my job in the same week about five months ago. Many of Decision Design's employees are in similar situations, commuting in or telecommuting from towns outside the metro area that our offices border. It's good to see other companies offering similar opportunities for smaller-community workers.

Melinda O'Neill
Decision Design,
Kenosha, Wisc.