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Homer's dream machine

Enjoy fresh, hot doughnuts in the comfort of your own home, anytime.

When I lived in Southern California, several of the Krispy Kremes in our area were kosher. This meant that my family was not denied the sticky sweet deliciousness that is the doughnut.

Mmmm....donughts. Perpetual Kid

Here in Houston, we are not nearly so lucky.

Even if you have easy access to your local doughnut shop, doesn't that sometimes seem like an awful lot of effort to make to eat your favorite snack? Wouldn't it be better if you could just get the doughnuts to magically transport themselves to your kitchen?

Well, get yourself a Dough-Nu-Matic, and it's almost like magic. In less than 60 seconds, this amazing machine automatically forms, fries, and drains adorable minidoughnuts that are full of flavor. When the doughnuts pop out, you can coat them with powdered sugar, frosting, or sprinkles.

The best part--aside from eating your culinary masterpiece, of course--is watching the stainless steel spatulas do all the work for you automatically. It's almost as much fun to watch the doughnuts as it is to eat them. Almost.