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Homemade minipies

Pie Wizard creates two miniature pies at once (both of which are just as unnecessary as the other).

Isn't everyone just trying to get a little piece of the pie? Sunbeam

In college, I had a roommate who owned a strange electric grill akin to the George Foreman that only made sandwiches. I remember thinking that an appliance entirely devoted to one kind of snack was a waste of space, even after indulging in more than one grilled-cheese sandwich pocket.

In a lot of ways, nothing has changed. Maybe that's why the only thing stirred up in me by this Pie Wizard is a lot of bad memories.

This gadget has a very narrow set of objectives:

  1. Make a pie (or a pair of pies) that's appropriate for one sitting
  2. Fit into a small space.
The Sunbeam Web site recommends the snack machine as a good solution for leftover meals (because I often wish I could wrap my rice and beans into a flaky crust), and also explains that the included novelty pie cutters are great for personalizing your pie.

If I'm only making two pies at a time, am I really in dire need of finding a way to distinguish one pie from the other? Also, wouldn't the annoying process of preparing and rolling out a pie crust offset the convenience of making a pie in minutes? And if my roommate's snack sandwich maker was any indication of the cooking credentials of these kinds of appliances, will this thing really be able to cut it when it comes to the delicate task of baking a pie?

If I were a professional pie maker, then maybe I'd consider buying something like this, but as an everyday consumer with limited cabinet space? I think I'll pass. Then again, it might be good to own an appliance that allows me to eat an entire pie at once.