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Homeland security gets e-learning boost

Web-based certification to be offered to workers in homeland security field.

The American College of Forensic Examiners and VCampus, an online training specialist, announced plans to develop a Web-based certification program for professionals working in the homeland security sector on Tuesday. The program was originally created for offline purposes by the forensic examiners group to help qualify people working on national security issues for both government agencies and private firms.

According to ACFEI, the certification in homeland security is the fastest growing class the organization has ever offered. By moving the course online, the partners believe they can reach even more people interested in getting qualified. Among those expected to take advantage of the program are the nation's 9 million veterans under the age of 55, and its 3 million trained firefighters and protective services professionals. The course offers insight into issues such as antiterrorism and the medical, physiological and personnel considerations inherent in responding to a disaster such as the Sept. 11 attacks.