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Home Scanner Bundles Viewing, Editing Software

Ever wanted to scan in the latest pictures of your kids or keep track of business cards or household receipts using your PC? Next month Primax Electronics will begin selling Colormobile Office, a $329 mobile scanner that attaches to a PC via the parallel port. To run the system efficiently, Primax officials recommend a 386 PC or higher, at least 4MB of RAM, and Windows 3.1. According to company officials, the scanner provides 100- to 400-dpi resolution for black-and-white, grayscale, and 24-bit color scans.

Colormobile Office weighs 32 ounces and can be used as a hand-held scanner or with its snap-on feeder module. The motorized feeder attachment handles photos, business cards, checks, credit cards, and receipts. ``It works very smoothly. If you've ever scanned anything in by hand, you know that it's hard to hold it straight,'' says Tim Daughters, marketing manager for Primax. The scanner comes bundled with ImagePals Go! and PresentIt software for cataloging, editing, and creating multimedia presentations. The package is available without the motorized feeder attachment for $249.