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@Home, Intel develop photo site

The two companies are working together to create a digital imaging resource for users of @Home's high-speed Internet service.

    Intel and @Home are working together to create a digital imaging resource for users of @Home's high-speed broadband Internet service, the companies announced today.

    "Both companies feel there is a lot of benefit in developing a catchall site for digital imaging," said Dave Lipsey, marketing program manager for Intel. "We want to help people figure out how to videoconference, capture digital images, digitize analog images. We are in partnership to work on developing that content."

    As a consumer application, digital imaging actually benefits from the power and speed that Intel and @Home provide to their customers, unlike other typical consumer applications like word processing and basic Internet access. Digital images are often fairly large files that can be slow to process and transfer on an older PC via a typical Internet connection, both companies say.

    "When you combine the power of the PC with a high-speed, broadband Internet connection like the service @Home offers, it enables consumers to do a lot of exciting things with their PCs," said Lipsey.

    Essentially, the "Making Pictures," site will serve as a resource for @Home users interested in digital imaging.

    "We wanted to create an area on the @Home network to provide resources regarding digital imaging: When to use a digital camera, how to get images on to a Web site," said Evan Nisselson, who will be manager of content development for Making Pictures. "A one-stop-shop."

    "Speed is one of the biggest aspects of this," Nisselson said. "Now [@Home] users can send higher resolution images faster, review somebody's Web page faster. We're getting rid of the No. 1 bottleneck, and that's bandwidth."

    Making Pictures will also include links to digital imaging vendors, such as digital camera and scanner manufacturers, as well as companies who provide other digital imaging services. In the future, Making Pictures may also be used to promote Intel products, Lipsey said.

    Intel has been active in the cause of digital imaging this year. Last month, the processor giant announced it was teaming up with Kodak to develop Picture CDs, as well as cheaper digital camera technology, with the goal of bringing digital imaging to all consumers, including non-PC users. Kodak may be featured on the new @Home site.

    "We want to show how Intel architecture helps fuel this very compelling application," Lipsey said.

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