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Home entertainment hide-and-seek

Snell creates facades for speakers

Hiding consumer electronics behind the facade of home furnishings can often be an exercise in excess or silliness (or or both). So we're not sure that it's a good or bad thing that people are starting to create their own camouflage designs for their entertainment technologies. Just as SoundArt does custom art to hide speakers, Snell is apparently doing something similar with its products.


But the company isn't limiting its facades to paintings and photographs, as it's proven with a its "ICS 1030 Bookshelf Speaker." Luxurylaunches says the speaker has been disguised to look like some leather-bound classics to blend unobtrusively into your library collection. It seems like an awfully lot of trouble to us, especially for $2,000. That kind of money might be better invested on some real first editions.