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In-development HoloLens app may replace med school cadavers (Tomorrow Daily 377 show notes)

Using real human corpses in medical schools for training might be a thing of the past if this kind of software becomes the new standard.

We're just now starting to see third-party HoloLens app previews pop up, and HoloAnatomy (a collaboration between Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University) is a prime example of how open APIs can enhance ecosystems and change industries.

An inventor in Bangladesh used physics concepts to come up with Eco-Cooler, a series of halved plastic bottles mounted on a board, then hung in front of an exterior window. The air pressure change cools the air as it enters a house, potentially making summers just a tad more bearable for rural Bangladesh.

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A third-party anatomy app for HoloLens looks incredible (Tomorrow Daily Podcast 377)

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