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'Holographic magazine' comes to life via augmented reality (Tomorrow Daily 288)

Ashley discusses an augmented-reality-enhanced print magazine and explains why a robot laser snake might be good for fixing pipes in tough places.

It's not easy being a robot laser snake; seriously, think about how often people will judge you based on the fact that you're a robot laser snake. But really, you're just a helpful tool designed to slink around the inside of inaccessible or dangerous pipes and fix potential problem areas that need a little help with your 5kW welding laser. Honestly, it's like nobody even knows you.

We're also talking about Funn Magazine, a print magazine with a twist: The pages of this periodical can be scanned with a complementary iOS or Android app, making the pages spring to life via augmented reality. It's seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter currently, and if you're not sure if you want to toss them a couple bucks for the first issue, you can test out the concept with some sample pages on the campaign's website.

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288: 'Holographic magazine' comes to life via augmented reality (Tomorrow Daily)

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