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Holograms, flying jet skis in Gadget Show Live top tech video

We examine the coolest tech on show at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. Click play for some dazzling gadgetry!

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Fancy blasting your way over a reservoir like a less-capable Iron Man? Or having the Death Star beamed into your eyeballs? Of course you do.

That's why you'll want to hit play on the video above, in which we explore the most exotic, futuristic and terrifying technology on display at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham.

We investigate the Jetovator, an aptly named jet ski contraption that fires water out of three nozzles to lift its rider into the skies above any sufficient body of water. Yours for a mere £10,000, though aspiring owners should note that it probably won't work in the bath.

You'll also get a glimpse at the eerie future of education with Aldebaran Robotic's Nao robot, designed to educate Britain's youth with a mixture of programmable dancing and the power to speak 26 languages. That's not as many languages as C-3PO, but then you never see Lucas' golden-hued bot throw down to Gangnam Style.

We also examine the latest, iPhone 5-friendly dock from audio bods Bowers & Wilkins, which also comes equipped with Apple's AirPlay streaming tech. Nifty.

More tech on the menu includes a futuristic hologram machine that employs an optical element slathered in holographic film, splitting a projected light source into several hovering planes. A Kinect sensor hacked into the whole shebang makes for interactive holograms. Not bad!

What futuristic tech are you dreaming of? Did you make it to the Gadget Show Live, and if so, what did you reckon? Did I interview you in my other video from the show? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.