Hollywood wants to overhaul film distribution

The clacking sound of celluloid scrolling through a movie projector may be getting closer to becoming a thing of the past.

A conglomeration of movie studios and theaters owners has formed a venture to examine the best ways to digital content transfer to cinemas.

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Digital Cinema Implementation Partners announced Tuesday are planning to study the pros and cons of delivering digital movies via broadband and satellite.

Spurring the movie business on is a long-time effort to cut the costs of film distribution. An enhanced distribution method may also reduce piracy, the companies said in a statement.

For decades, studios have shipped film prints by to theaters by truck. For the relatively few theaters equipped with digital projectors, Hollywood sends hard drives. In the digital age, some in Hollywood see an opportunity to revamp film distribution.

"This system will provide theater owners with greater scheduling flexibility as it allows for real-time bookings to meet audience demands," said DCIP CEO Travis Reid.

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