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Hodor actor's mom gets a new 'Game of Thrones' doorstop

Kristian Nairn's mother sure knows how to hold open a door in style, giving her son and "Game of Thrones" fans a good laugh.

Warning: Season 6 "Game of Thrones" spoilers ahead.

It's still hard to think about Hodor's dramatic demise on "Game of Thrones" at the hands (and claws and teeth) of wights while in the act of saving his friends. At least Hodor actor Kristian Nairn's mother has a sense of humor about it, even if the rest of us are still traumatized by the former stable boy's exit scene last season.

Nairn visited his mom recently only to find a doorstop spelling out "Hodor" in use in a doorway. In case you forgot, it turned out that Hodor's name is a shortened version of the phrase "Hold the door." Carrying out that exact action is what leads him to his ultimate doom.

Nairn posted an image of the doorstop to Instagram on Tuesday along with a Shakespeare reference: "Really, Mum??? Et tu, Brute? Hahahaha."

Hodor-themed doorstops hit the market almost immediately after the death scene aired. There's this traditional doorstop with an image of Hodor on it, or this impressive 3D-printed Hodor figurine arranged in door-holding position. Nairn's mom has a particularly stylish version. It's modern and sleek and appears to match this downloadable and 3D-printable design from HodorStop on Thingiverse. You, too, can be just like Hodor's mom.

(Via CinemaBlend)