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NHL star hates drones, shoots them down with puck

Technically Incorrect: The Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos confronts flying nuisances as only he can.

Tampa Bay Lightning Center Steven Stamkos scans the crowd for drones. Dirk Shadd/

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

I'm not sure which fans I find more peculiar -- those of hockey or those of drones.

Indeed, if I were to have dinner with a drone-loving hockey fan, I'd hope that the wine would be especially good.

What had never crossed my mind until Wednesday, however, was that hockey might provide a new way to take out a drone.

Drone-loathers have used guns, of course. But here is the Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos taking out drones with his most familiar skill -- puck-propulsion with a big stick.

As the drones hover over the ice, he shoots and scores. The drones collapse to the ground. This all seems to be some sort of promotional wheeze for Sport Chek, a Canadian sports apparel company.

Still, it will surely stimulate some who'll be considering their methods for fighting a flying intruder. Yes, many Americans will choose guns. However, a little more ingenuity will likely emerge from some quarters.

Will Tom Brady be able to de-float a drone with one piercing spiral? Will archers be forewarned and forearmed by flexing their forearms and sending arrows skyward? Will drones be assailed by sticks and stones propelled from homes?

Or will we come to love the little buzzy things the way we've come to adore bees -- what's left of the poor things?

Stamkos, however, seems to have no illusions. Having shot down all the flying targets, he merely mutters: "I hate drones."

That's the lovely thing about hockey players. They're nuanced thinkers.