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Hobby robot Robovie packs PC power

Japanese robot maker Vstone has announced a premium humanoid hobby robot that runs on its own PC, enabling easier programming and better functions.


Osaka, Japan-based robot maker Vstone has announced a new humanoid hobby robot that has its own 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, compatible with Windows and Linux.

Developed in collaboration with Japan's ATR labs, the new Robovie-PC represents an evolution in hobby robots with its advanced electronics.

Robovie-PC attempts to fill the gap between high-end machines in research labs and competitive hobby bots as seen in Robo-One and Robocup.

The 15.3-inch Robovie-PC comes preassembled and has an impressive 20 degrees of mechanical freedom, a gyro sensor and accelerometer, as well as onboard Wi-Fi and a 1.3-megapixel CMOS head camera that allows users to see through its "eyes."

You can also connect two USB devices, a monitor and LAN cable to the robot. With all its electronics, it tips the scales at 4.8 pounds with the 7.2V NiMH battery loaded.

The price? About $4,500. Grasping hands, body shell coloring, and elbow servos are extra. Vstone aims to sell 50 units annually. See more pics of Robovie-PC here.

In this video from Vstone, Robovie is being controlled through wireless LAN while sending head camera data to the operator.

(Via Robot Watch)