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HMV closes completely in Ireland, 300 jobs lost

All 16 Irish branches of ailing music and DVD shop HMV will stay closed, leaving 300 people out of a job.

HMV is disappearing from Ireland, leaving 300 people out of a job. All 16 Irish branches of HMV, temporarily closed when the music and DVD chain began circling the drain, will stay closed.

Branches of HMV across the UK have remained open, bringing in much-needed moolah as punters search for bargains in the current sale. But Irish stores closed as soon as the ailing chain called in administrator Deloitte roughly a month ago. In Ireland the firm is in receivership, which involves winding up the company without seeking to continue the business, rather than administration, which involves trying to save the company.

All of the Irish stores were making a loss, battered by the competition from online sales and digital downloads, not to mention the cost of rent. Deloitte tried to sell the stores in question, but couldn't find a buyer, so those stores will not reopen.

The 300 staff affected by the closure were temporarily laid off during the last few weeks. When trouble first flared up, staff at two branches in Limerick staged a sit-in to protest against unpaid wages.

Sadly, all 300 have lost their jobs.

In England, Northern Ireland and Wales 66 stores are closing over the next month or two -- click here for the full list of HMV closures. 930 jobs are under threat, following the -- very publicly livetweeted -- sacking of 190 people at the company's headquarters.

Will you miss HMV? Has online music and viewing replaced the humble high street in your heart? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Image: Sameer Vasta