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Hitachi's hybrid camcorder

First with hard drive ato burn videos directly on DVD

Not all gadgets are the technological equivalent of genetic mutations. Some hybrids actually make sense and don't even look like lab experiments gone awry.


On paper, at least, Hitachi's hybrid camcorder appears to be one of these exceptions. Gizmag says the video camera, which Hitachi calls the first DVD/HDD product of its kind, can easily burn videos directly onto a DVD inside the camcorder, bypassing the need for a computer altogether. It comes in 1.3- and 3.3-megapixel models, each with an 8GB hard drive that can store 110 minutes of video, at about $1,450 and $1,650.

It should be noted, however, that hybrid cameras have had a somewhat dubious history, whether they've combined CDs with photos or video with stills (think Sony). But we hope Hitachi has worked out these kinks, because we want one of these for Christmas.