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Hitachi ups enterprise hard-drive speed

Hitachi introduces its first Ultrastar 2.5-inch hard drive that has a 6Gbps SAS interface.

Though the new 6Gbps SATA standard that Seagate demonstrated awhile ago hasn't been available in any products yet, if you want to get that speed now, there's another option. But only enterprise customers need apply.


Hitachi introduced on Tuesday its second-generation of the 10,000rpm Ultrastar hard drive, the C10K300. The new drive uses a dual-port attached SCSI (SAS) interface that offers data rates up to 6GBps (or about 300MBps), about twice the speed of the previous model. It has average seek times as low as 3.9 milliseconds.

The 2.5-inch drive has a low-power-consumption design with Hitachi's Advanced Power Management that lets the drive deliver an idle power specification of 3.4 watts and 6.1 watts in active operating mode. These specifications are lower than most drives in its class.

The Ultrastar C10K300 also uses halogen-reduced components to support the green computing initiatives getting popular in data centers nowadays. The drive features Hitachi EcoTrac classification, meaning it belongs in a category of products that minimize environmental impact in the areas of product design, manufacturing, operation, and disposal.

The new 10,000rpm Ultrastar C10K300 is available now in 147GB and 300GB capacities. Their cost has not yet been disclosed.