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Hitachi to ship high-speed 2TB hard drive

Hitachi to release the first 7,200 rpm 2TB desktop hard drive.

Hitachi joined the 2TB hard drive club Tuesday with the Deskstar 7K2000, an all-new hard drive it claims offers both capacity and performance for desktop computers.


While this is not the first 3.5-inch 2TB hard drive, it's indeed the first consumer hard drive that boasts the spinning speed of 7,200 rpm. Western Digital released its first 2TB hard drive back in April, the WD RE4-GP, which is a low-power and low-performance hard drive that doesn't have rpm specifications.

There are lots of factors that would affect a hard drive's performance. However generally, the higher rpm number translates to higher performance.

The new Deskstar 7K2000 features Hitachi's five-platter design with relaxed bit density and perpendicular magnetic recording technology. It has a 32MB cache and supports the SATA2 interface. Hitachi claims that apart from the performance, the new drive is also designed to be eco-friendly, being halogen-free and compliant with the RoHS standard.

In addition to the new 2TB Deskstar 7K2000, Hitachi offers the new 7,200 rpm Deskstar 7K1000.C family that comes in capacities from 160GB to 1TB.

These two new hard drives are available now, with the 2TB Deskstar 7K2000 costing $329.