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Hit me with your iRhythms stick, hit me

In the deserts of Sudan, and the gardens of Japan, from Milan to Yucatán, every woman, every man, hit me with your iRhythm stick, hit me!

If Batman needed iPod speakers, he'd get these. You could tie the iRhythm to the the end of a cable and use it as a grappling hook. Sprung from the giant Batbelt in the sky and jammed into Crave's head this morning, this Digital Docking Speaker gives the formidable (though widely mocked) iPod Hi-Fi a run for its money.

Initial testing experiments this morning proved the iRhythms showmanship, it dazzled us with a sterling rendition of Ben Folds' Zack And Sara. Blasting our geeky little ears with crystal clear warblings, the iRhythm put up an admirable level of unmuddied bass, and a solid high-end.

Audiophiles will reach for their monocles and top hats, shaking their heads sadly at the poor creature, but for the rest of us, the iRhythms is overwhelmingly not bad, really. The speaker unit includes a range of replacable collars that let you mount the whole iPod range in the dock -- even the more esoteric nano and Shuffle.

Retailing for £125, the iRhythms seems pretty good value to us -- it's certainly a lot more tolerable than some of the other squawk-boxes out there. -CS