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History Here launches for Windows Phone 7

The Windows Phone marketplace can boast a new app. The GPS-driven History Here integrates content from A&E's History, the channel formerly known as the History Channel.

The History Here app costs $2.99. History

Attention all history buffs. The History Channel, which is now simply called "History," has made its entry into the Windows Phone marketplace with History Here, a location-based app that combines GPS with historical content to a "mobile guidebook."

If you've got a new Windows Phone 7 phone, the app costs $2.99 and currently has information on more than 7,000 locations nationwide, but according to the folks at AETN Digital, which made the app, thousands more historical points of interest will be added in the coming months.

As you might expect from an app that's connected to History (sorry, we're having a real hard time not calling it the History Channel), each location is "supplemented with exclusive video, audio of famous speeches, narratives from key moments in history, written content, pictures and maps to create a dynamic visitor's guide to each location."

You can search for locations within a 100-mile radius, filter your search on specific types of points of interest (battlefields or monuments, for example), and display your search results in map view or list view.

In all, it seems promising. Hopefully, they'll bring this one to Android and iPhone.