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Hipster concept: Vacuum with an iPod dock

Why whistle while you work when you can rock out? Then again, this idea has me a bit confused.

Electrolux UltraSilencer Music Edition Amplified iPod Vacuum

I am confused by the concept behind this new Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

The company has developed the technology for what it's calling the "quietest vacuum cleaner ever." But then it breaks the silence by incorporating an iPod dock and speakers into the thing. Yes, this quiet vacuum plays music.

It's just a concept at this point based on a study Electrolux did (PDF) on the effects of music on doing housework. But I could easily envision these quiet-but-loud machines hitting stores in the next year if the demand is strong enough. I see these as the world's first hipster vacuums.

I suppose I like the idea of making housework fun, but the elimination of noise to create more enjoyable noise is like gentrification of the soundwaves. I can't help but think about how it mirrors what's happening in cities around the globe as people are pushed out of their neighborhoods to make way for newer, hipper, higher-end housing.

Or maybe I've been reading too many social-theory books before bed.