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Hipstamatic Oggl brings Instagram support to Windows Phone 8

Anyone using Windows Phone 8 can now upload snaps to Instagram, thanks to a new app. But it's not all champagne and roses...

If you use a Windows Phone 8 device, you've so far had to go without Instagram in your life. Well that's about to change, thanks to Hipstamatic Oggl, which plays nice with the retro-tinged photo-sharing network. Kind of.

As well as giving your snaps a dollop of nostalgia thanks to some retro filters, the app lets you upload your pics to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which is a first for Windows Phone 8. You can only upload them to Instagram though, you can't view other snaps on the network, or add likes or comments. So it's a bit limited.

The app is available for free for all Windows Phone 8 devices. (When I searched for it, no results came up, so I had to find it through the "Featured" section of the apps page. Nice one Microsoft.)

The initial reviews aren't fantastic, either. Just a few hours after going live, the app page was swamped with one-star reviews. "I can't log in", complains one person. "Can't get past username screen", says another. Other are saying it's slow, and keeps crashing. But maybe it's just struggling with the initial heavy demand.

If you own the 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020, you'll be able to snaffle the Hipstamatic Oggle Pro app. This lets you control the white balance, ISO and shutter speed.

Nokia wants Instagram on Windows Phone 8 so badly it created an app called #2InstaWithLove. This gave snaps a vintage tint, and the moniker #2InstaWithLove -- obviously Nokia was hoping it would put pressure on Instagram to make its own app for Windows Phone 8. But so far, no dice.

Have you tried Hipstamatic Oggl? What do you make of it? And do you want a proper Instagram app for Windows Phone 8? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.