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Camera Accessories

HiLo lens is like a periscope for your phone

A new mobile lens, funded through Kickstarter, aims to turn your iDevice into a high-and-low-angle photographic machine.

Hardly a day goes by without another lens accessory for phones hitting the market.

(Credit: HiLo)

The HiLo is a little bit different, and caught our attention because of its simplicity.

Put simply, the HiLo is a right-angle lens attachment for the iPhone and iPad. Working on the same premise as a periscope, the lens lets you take photos and video at high or low angles, without needing to point the phone or tablet directly at your subject — so you can peek out from behind a corner to covertly snap a subject or rest your device on a flat surface to take a hands-free shot.

HiLo contains three lenses, as well as a prism, with the unit attaching over the camera's existing lens, thanks to a sticky surface. Because the resulting image from the prism is mirrored, the specially designed app will correct this and, its creators say, improve image quality with "smart processing".

The lens is not in production just yet. It is being funded through Kickstarter, where you can pledge financial support to get your hands on one. See some sample photos from the HiLo over at the project's blog.