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HiLO lens for iPhone and iPad has all the right angles

A Kickstarter project positions itself as the first right-angle lens for iPhone and iPad cameras that allows taking photos with your device in a flat position.

HiLO lens
Say hello to the HiLO. HiLO Lens

Smartphones have rarely been accused of being elegant cameras. Tablets are even more troublesome. Sometimes, it would be easier to hold your device flat and snap a picture. Try that now and you'll get a lovely shot of your feet. Try it with a HiLO right-angle lens, and you'll get a real photo.

The HiLO hides three lenses and a prism inside that allow the image to bounce into the correct part of your camera. An app is also part of the Kickstarter project, so you'll be able to quickly correct for the image mirroring caused by the prism.

The lens is available for both iPhone and iPad. A pledge of $60 will get you a HiLO for your iPhone. If you have an iPad 3, you'll need to spring for the $70 version with an adapter that accommodates the curve on the back of the tablet.

A lens like this could be a convenience for people who rely on their iOS devices for photography, especially if you have a tablet. I've taken plenty of awkward iPad photos with the tablet held up in front of my face. It's just a matter of whether it's worth $60 to $70 for you to take more comfortable photos.

HiLO lens parts
An exploded view of the lens. HiLO Lens