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Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi conquer the Mannequin Challenge

A US presidential candidate and a rock star freeze in place together in celebration of both Election Day and the viral Mannequin Challenge.

It's Election Day in the US and you've just run a long, grueling, contentious campaign against Republican nominee Donald Trump. So what do you do? You stand around, really still, surrounded by your frozen staff and rock star Jon Bon Jovi. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton took time out to participate in the viral "Mannequin Challenge" on Tuesday.

The challenge involves standing as still as you can, like a mannequin, for a short video clip. It originated with a video from a US high school and has since spread across the internet and all the way to Clinton's airplane. Clinton's staff does an admirable job of holding extremely still, as does the candidate herself.

Former president and first gentleman hopeful Bill Clinton makes an appearance in the video, as does rocker Jon Bon Jovi, who holds his position beside Hillary Clinton with a guitar clutched against his chest.

The clip ends with everyone relaxing and a message reading, "Don't stand still. Vote today." The Clinton campaign tweeted the video through the candidate's official Twitter account early on Tuesday.

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