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Hillary tweets thanks to Obama after endorsement

Hillary Clinton et al take to Twitter to thank the president for his support ... and reprise his words of praise.


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks in New Jersey.

Steve Sands/WireImage

The former FLOTUS was quick to thank the current POTUS.

Hillary Clinton and her staff took to Twitter on Thursday to thank President Barack Obama for his endorsement of the former secretary of state and senator as the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee. In a series of tweets, Hillary's campaign posted portions of Obama's more-than-three-minute video of support, which recalled her previous service to the country.


Hillz, who signs her own tweets "-H," sent a special thank you of her own to her former boss:


The presidential nod came after Clinton scored enough delegates and superdelegates to presumably clinch the party's nomination. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who has challenged Clinton throughout the campaign, pledged to work with her but hadn't said as much on the social media platform as of this post.

Presumably someone on Bernie's staff is chiseling out a tweet now.