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High tech, temperature-controlled coffee... for a price

The Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine uses a thermal carafe, avoiding the tortures of a heating plate.

Makes coffee hot, keeps coffee hot.
Makes coffee hot, keeps coffee hot. Bodum

When it comes to finding flavor in food and drink, the best way to start is at the source. Chefs routinely expound on the virtues of "respecting the ingredients" and for good reason. Finding flavor doesn't have to be a search when it is already there to begin with. Perhaps the same can be said for coffee.

As every coffee-drinker knows, how a cup of joe is prepared can make all the difference. While there may be many different methods of extracting the caffeinated elixir from the bean, the Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine focuses on re-examining drip coffee, which is possibly the most common--and thus the one we are most likely to take for granted.

Obviously, the first thing one notices about the machine is the bright color (also available in plain black or off-white) and the rubber-coated plastic common to Bodum appliances. Design considerations aside, the real improvements are found inside of the machine.

Using a spiral heating element and a glass transport pipe, water is introduced to the grounds at close to 200 degrees. From there, the hot water is evenly distributed over the grounds via a "showerhead" apparatus. The resultant brew goes through a finely meshed titanium-plated stainless steel filter, finally collecting into a thermal carafe--where it avoids ever having to be subjected to the disrespect of that destroyer of so many pots of coffee, the heating plate.

To enjoy all this, of course, you have to be willing to shell out $250. But surely that's a small price to pay for the perfect cuppa.

Via Cool Material