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High-tech execs try start-up life

Hewlett-Packard's Dick Watts is the latest tech higher-up to leave his post in favor of a new business venture.

Hewlett-Packard's vice president of corporate sales, Dick Watts, is the latest in a string of high-tech higher-ups to leave their posts in favor of running a start-up venture.

HP's Watts to step down
update Hewlett-Packard's vice president of corporate sales, Dick Watts, resigns to take a position at a young Silicon Valley company.

SAP exec quits to run start-up
update SAP America chief executive Paul Wahl is the latest corporate high-tech executive to resign to become more of an entrepreneur. goes live--kind of
update The e-commerce start-up opens its Web site--with scant information about its much-anticipated launch.

PointCast founder plans new firm
PointCast cofounder Chris Hassett is quietly planning a New York-based start-up that focuses on Net entertainment programming.