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High-tech cooler boasts Bluetooth, blender

The Coolest cooler is on fire on Kickstarter, luring backers with a 18-volt blender, Bluetooth speaker, and other surprises.

Coolest cooler
The Coolest is scheduled for delivery in early 2015. Coolest

One of the hottest Kickstarters at the moment is also the coolest. It's hard to imagine a cooler could inspire passion, but the Coolest cooler is winning crowdfunding fans by throwing everything from a blender to a Bluetooth speaker into the mix.

The Coolest has some features that are just plain smart and practical. It comes stocked with all-terrain wheels, gear tie-downs for strapping your extra stuff on top, plate and knife storage, and an LED lid light to shine down on the glory of its contents.

It holds 60 quarts and an internal divider doubles as a cutting board. The cutting board comes in handy when you want to slice limes for your margaritas, which you will be making with the 18-volt battery-powered rechargeable blender that attaches to the top of the cooler.

The blender certainly catches the eye, but the tech doesn't end there. There's a USB charger for powering up your smartphone and a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can blast "Margaritaville" while you're making your blended frozen beverages. The Coolest is not so much a cooler as it is a party companion.

The Kickstarter has certainly created a new cooler fanaticism. The original $50,000 funding goal got left in the dust. Now, nearly 11,000 backers are in for over $2 million with a long 49 days to go. The cooler is going for a $185 pledge. Ryan Grepper, the man behind the Coolest, is looking into stretch goals such as more colors, bigger wheels, and perhaps even a solar charger (no promises, though).

As with almost all Kickstarters, there are still some questions up in the air. Grepper has a working prototype, but backers are curious to learn more about the batteries, such as if they'll be user-replaceable. The battery that powers the blender, lid light, and USB charger sounds like it will be similar to what's used for cordless drills. Anybody who's had one of those long term knows the batteries occasionally need to be replaced.

It helps that the Coolest has a snazzy design sense. It's bold and orange, with angled lines and a retro logo. I have never in my life lusted after a cooler until now, probably because there has never been a cooler quite like this until now.

Coolest cooler in the wild
Here's what the Coolest prototype did for the 4th of July. Coolest