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High fashion at 1,000 feet below sea level

Luxury watchmaker Linde Werdelin makes "world's first luxury dive computer."

Linde Werdelin

As more gadgets have gone under water, it was probably inevitable that the relentless bling trend would follow. This may look like a new ultra-complicated European timepiece, but it's actually a new ultra-complicated European diving instrument.

The resemblance is understandable: This aquatic instrument--billed as "the world's first luxury dive computer," available in solid 18k gold--is made by Linde Werdelin, maker of high-end sports watches. But the simply named "Sea Instrument" goes well beyond telling time, as Luxurylaunches notes. It has a transflective color LCD made of sapphire crystal, built-in processor, 2.4GHz wireless sensors, 128MB memory, and water resistance up to 1,000 feet.

All this gear may seem like overkill (and it is), but the equipment allows serious diver to monitor submerged adventures even in the darkest and most hostile conditions, then transfer the stored data wirelessly to a PC--all while looking absolutely fabulous and making the other deep-sea dwellers green with envy.