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High drama at Le Web 3 conference

Touted as Europe's premiere Web-culture conference, Le Web 3 seems to have been less than the juicy tour de force attendees were hoping for. Six Apart, organizer of the event, collaborated with emissaries from Skype, Kazaa, Wikia, et al. to create a global forum.

Le Web 3

Among problems that participants noted: French politicians gave unscheduled speeches, in French, to a pan-European audience; the WiFi wasn't working--at Europe's highest-profile bloggers' conference; and a brouhaha ensued over TechCrunchUK editor Sam Sethi losing his job after he posted the organizer's nasty remarks and promoted his own competing event.

Disrupted loyalties, insulting speeches, power plays--it's not Greek drama, it's just Le Web.

Blog community response:

"I did not pay over 600 Euros to come and listen to self-involved French politicians talk about why they want to run for president. "
--Peter Forret

"Loic Lemeur has sold out his European peer group for some cheap headlines in French politics - if at all. He has destroyed trust and confidence in a way I have never seen before. "

"The Wifi provided by sponsor Orange at this conference was unacceptable. I spent 20% of my time trying to find a worthwhile signal that worked at a deadly slow pace when it did. Presenter after presenter were embarrassed as they attempted to connect to the internet only to be given an error screen."
--The Gay Expat

"None of this had to be aired publicly, but Sam chose to write a final post on the blog after he was terminated stating incorrectly that he was being terminated because of the original post. He has also written publicly that he was terminated because he would not comply with my demand to delete a post. That is not accurate. This is driven entirely from SamÂ’s ethical lapse in trashing a competitor while simultaneously promoting his own events. "