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Hide like the wind

The Airone Aida range hood installs neatly inside cabinetry. Taking up a minimum amount of space, the hood features an optional external motor for quiet operation.

Like it's not even there.
Like it's not even there. Airone

Kitchen appliances that have the ability to hide away will always find a place in the home. Sometimes they even hide away so well that they become part of the home. Unlike some compact countertop appliances that can find their way into the back of the cupboard--unintentionally fading into the woodwork--some low-profile appliances actually do their intended job while hidden from view.

Disappearing behind the cupboard over the stove, the Airone Aida range hood is designed to operate on the down-low. Offering a choice of motors with a wide range of power (800-m3/h to 1,780-m3/h), the range hood is customizable, with an emphasis on silent operation--an option exists for an external motor.

A discreet control panel allows for easy-access four-speed operation. The base of the hood offers a smooth, flat surface and includes two spotlights for illumination. As opposed to a more common hood that may only consist of a vent leading to a single opening, this range hood has perimeter suction around the base where the lighting is installed. The range hood takes up a minimum of space, allowing for more room in the cupboard to stash away any number of those pieces of not-so-essential kitchen gear.

(Via Appliancist)