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Hide from, seek out nearby friends on Facebook

The social network is making it easy to locate your friends on a map, and it’s adding event alerts into the Paper app. Meanwhile, Samsung is about to push out a paid version of Milk Music.

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After watching this episode of Update, you'll want to double check your Facebook privacy settings. Facebook is adding a option to your app that will broadcast your location to friends. It is optional, but you should be aware of how it works. And you may just find the map feature handy when you are meeting someone at the mall or the park.

That's not the only Facebook update. Remember Facebook's Paper app that debuted two months ago? It highlights news stories and sorts them into categories, and it also shows your news feed without ads. Well now Facebook is folding in more features from the main Facebook app, like event and birthday reminders.

Paper may be ad-free for now, but don't count on it to last long. It's part of the circle of life for free apps. Samsung's ad-free Milk Music service will even be getting ads soon. Samsung will also sell an ad-free option for $4 a month.

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CNET Update: Hide from, seek out nearby friends on Facebook