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Hidden panorama mode uncovered in iOS camera

Much-rumored but hidden mode allows the capture of panoramic images by snapping multiple photos.

The panorama mode in iOS camera app. chapwn

The much-rumored but hidden panorama mode in the iOS camera app has been uncovered.

The mode, which was discovered and revealed on Twitter by developer Conrad Kramer, allows consumers to capture panoramic images by snapping multiple photos while sweeping the camera from left to right.

The mode is activated by setting the "EnableFirebreak" key to "yes" in a preference file within the mobile operating system, Kramer said in his tweet. A hacker known as Chpwn posted screenshots on Twitter of the panorama mode in action.

It's unknown why Apple has chosen to hide capability, but presumably the company plans to unveil it in the future, perhaps after further testing.

Hints of the mode materialized in July when Apple released a beta of iOS 5 to developers. Code in that beta offered directions on how to use the feature that would let users take superwide photos of their surroundings using the iOS built-in camera app.