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Hidden Google search text adventure game sends you on a hunt

A secret Easter egg game lets you play as the big blue "G" in the Google logo, but watch out for the alligator.

This dinosaur on Google's campus makes a cameo appearance in the text adventure game.


Back in the olden days of computer gaming, players got their kicks from text adventures, with nothing but letters, numbers and symbols to guide them. Google remembers those days. 

You can relive the glory of gaming through words with a Google search text adventure Easter egg that recently emerged from hiding. 

Get ready to find your Google logo letter buddies.

Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Reddit user attempt_number_1 seems to be the first to discover the game and make it public. To access it, go to Google search and look up "text adventure." Then, open the developer console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J for Windows or Cmd+Option+J if you're on a Mac.

The console will pop open and ask if you would like to play a game. Type "yes," hit enter and away you go on a text-based adventure. 

The game kicks off with you spotting your reflection in a window: "You are still the same big blue G you've always been and you can't help but smile." 

But there's a problem. Your friends, the rest of the colorful letters in the Google logo, are missing and you need to find them. 

The game takes place at Google's Mountain View, California, campus. You move through locations like "a large field with googlers playing ultimate frisbee and dodgeball" and "a strange hallway with clean rooms and signs with drawings of hazmat suits."

There are some visuals along the way, like an alligator and a crocodile costume in a box, but the game adheres to a classic text adventure format with no fancy graphics and limited commands. 

If you're nostalgic for text games or just want to experience a blast from the past, you might enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the rest of the Google logo.

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