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HeyCosmo makes event-planning calls so you don't have to

Demo: Online concierge service HeyCosmo does everything for event planners but cut the cake.

SAN DIEGO--Arsenal Interactive launched an online concierge service called HeyCosmo at DemoFall on Tuesday.

The free Web and mobile service offers a way for friends to easily plan activities and make reservations at restaurants and other places, without anyone having to make a phone call.

When new people are added to the invite list, the service sends a voice SMS, providing details on the event, who is invited, restaurant location and other details. Invitees then respond whether they will be attending.

The company promises that you can deliver your messages and get a confirmation in 60 seconds or less, guaranteed.

The service can be used for other activities, as well, such as locating a local plumber.

Depending on how many merchants are included, this service could save an organizer a lot of time.