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Greetings, human! This is your bi-annual firm but friendly reminder to visit the official, world-renowned CNET UK Facebook page, where you'll find breaking tech news, gadget discussion with fellow geeks and behind the scenes photos and video from the fame-hungry losers that power this humble website.

All you have to do is visit the page and hit the 'Like' button. But wear a helmet because it's going to blow your mind wide open. You like Android-themed spiral slides? We got 'em. You want to see Nerf gun ammo clips gaffer-taped together cleverly modified to make a super Nerf clip? We got that too. An entire music video about Facebook composed, recorded and shot on an iPad 2? Easy.

Sony NGP being dragged through ancient Rome? Got it. Roomba fighting a dinosaur? Boom. Optimus Prime? Badger? Kryten off Red Dwarf? Faceless blue man? Camera coffin? Brian Blessed? Monocle? Abomination? All these things and more await you, weary traveller.

And if your gadgets are broken and tired, or if you need a spot of tech buying advice, it's the perfect place to get in touch with the CNET UK team. Pop a comment on our wall and we'll help if we can.

Feel free also to post photos of anything you've seen around and about you think other tech-heads would like to see, and the Facebook wall is the place where we harvest feedback for our weekly podcast, so if you fancy hearing your comments read out on nearly-as-good-as-radio, that's the place to drop us a line.

So what are you waiting for? Nearly 8,000 happy fans can't be wrong! Well, they could, but they're not in this instance. To make things even easier, we've made every other word in this sentence a link to our page.

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